Water Damage Assessments

If your home has experienced any water damage due to rain, storms, flooding, or leaks we have the knowledge and experience to solve the problem in any capacity. Our team of Environmental Consultants and vendor certified technicians can mitigate the risk of further water related damages to your property through proven procedures certified by the State of Florida to get you back in your home in no time. We will ensure that the damage is mitigated in the most efficient way possible, saving you time, money and stress.

Our Consultants Provide:

  • Moisture Detection

  • Moisture & Damage Mapping

  • Bacteria & Mold Sampling

  • Water Restoration Protocol

Comprehensive Assessments

Water intrusion from flooding, sewage backup, and leaking roofs or sewer pipes can lead to the contamination of your home or business and secondary mold damage. Exposure to these sources of contaminated water greatly increases the risk of dangerous digestive system diseases and other related illnesses.

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Moisture Detection

Detecting and assessing moisture within walls, floors, ceiling cavities, insulation and other building materials that may indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues or other moisture problems leading to corrosion, mold, and mildew Infrared cameras, thermo hygrometers, moisture meters and moisture mapping are just a few tools and techniques we utilize to locate water intrusion and isolate the moisture back to its original source. The combined use of these instruments and techniques provide vital information for the restoration technicians as way to locate, document, and assess the levels of moisture throughout the drying process, from the initial to the final inspection.

Moisture Mapping

Once the moisture in your home or business has been detected, we will put together a visual representation with a floor plan that outlines the location and size of the affected areas and the corresponding moisture content values for these affected areas, as compared to the ‘dry standard’ of a non-affected area. Moisture maps serve as an invaluable communication tool between our consultants, restoration technicians, insurance companies, adjusters, and attorneys by providing invaluable data in cases involving controversy and archiving vital information for reference in future building diagnostic projects

Bacteria & Mold Sampling

Based off the source of water intrusion and the extent of water damage (secondary mold growth present) our consultants will determine if any mold or bacteria sampling is warranted to identify if there is any exposure risk to the building occupants and to what extent. Sampling methods may include indoor air quality, swab, and bulk testing. All swabs & bulk samples are sent to a verified 3rd party lab to be cultured and tested within 48 hours. Once the results are returned to Flo-Air, our team of consultants will then interpret and analyze the findings in a Water Restoration Protocol.


Water Restoration Protocol

Once the assessment is complete, all findings are analyzed and compiled into a comprehensive water damage restoration protocol which outlines a summary of our findings, causation and source of the damage, and a step by step restoration plan. The protocol will be broken down by each affected area with pictures and a visual aid floor plan with moisture mapping for the water mitigation technicians to follow.

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Insurance Claim?

Get The Help You Need!

If you are considering filing an insurance claim or already have one filed, Flo-Air Environmental Consultancy has extensive knowledge and experience working with homeowners through the entire claims process. We are accustomed to providing the services and reports required by your insurance carrier for mold and water loss claims all the way from the initial inspection to the post remediation assessment.